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Opportunities In Forex Calendar Trading PatternsWould Knowing Where Your Favorite Currency Pair is Likely to Go Improve Your Forex Trading?

There are calendar forex trading patterns - some very strong ones, in fact. Knowing them could make a huge difference in your trading performance. Find them in this comprehensive research report.

There are times when currency pairs have up to a 75% directional bias!

At just $49 this research could pay for itself in a single trade!

This report was the #1 book at FX Street in 2015!

Opportunities In Forex Calendar Trading Patterns

These aren't random patterns. They come from data going back to 1982, and show more than enough of a deviation 50/50 odds to be taken very seriously.

The research in Opportunities in Forex Calendar Trading Patterns covers all of the major pairs and crosses, looking at the data in several ways. The research which went into it unearthed numerous interesting patterns.

The ebook is easy to use, but comprehensive - its 262 pages packed with information you can apply to your trading, and bookmarked for speedy navigation right to the seasonal data you're after.

Inside the report:

  • Studies of all the major pairs and crosses, bookmarked for easy reference so you can focus on the one or ones you trade.
  • Studies of all the major currencies in index format so you can see their general patterns
  • Studies of daily, weekly, and monthly timeframes so no matter the timeframe you trade you'll have data you can use.


About the Author
John Forman - Author, The Essentials of TradingJohn Forman is the researcher and compiler of this special research report. John is a former senior forex analyst with Thomson Reuters and currently is working toward a PhD focused on the performance of retail forex traders. He is a 25+ year trading and market analysis veteran and the author of The Essentials of Trading (Wiley, 2006) and Trading FAQs (Trade2Win, 2013).

This is not a trading system.  There are no indicators, no complex rules to follow. The research report contains facts. It tells you exactly what the forex market tends to do each month, each week, and each day.

You can trade with this info!

Here's the equity line of a very simple trading system using some of the data from Opportunities in Forex Calendar Trading Patterns. An annualized return of more than 20% isn't too bad.

The system rules are as basic as they come - get long when there's a strong bullish bias or short when there's a strong bearish bias, hold for the duration of that pattern, and exit at the end. No indicators. No other rules.

Obviously, this is back-tested historical performance. The future will look different. Still, it gives you an idea of how powerful seasonal/calendar patterns can be. They can be worked into trading systems and/or be used to filter or bias discretionary trading systems.

Whether you trade short-term or long-term, you will find something of great value in this book. There are monthly, weekly, and weekday patterns.

You don't need to be a professional trader to use of this. Any level of trader can apply it  It's presented in an easy to understand format.

Take a look at this chart of one pair. Notice how clearly is shows where the real seasonal biases are in the price action.

All of this great seasonal information came about by the author spotting a pattern in EUR/JPY, which he traded quite profitably. Out of curiosity, he did some digging to see if there were more patterns. He didn't expect to find any, so when they showed up all over the place it was quite the shock!

Rather than horde the information, though, it became Opportunities in Forex Calendar Trading Patterns. Now in its fourth edition, the report has been benefiting traders for years.

Here's just a little of the user feedback.

I was interested to come across your report as I have long used seasonal data for commodities, and was intrigued by their application to FX. I believe your work is probably the only one of its kind, and will read it with much interest.

T.E., U.K.

Last night I ordered and downloaded the Forex Calendar Patterns. Incredible amount of info. The research is quite invaluable! Thanks for sharing.

H.Z., New York

Incredible information! ... Can't wait to use this!!!

Z.R., Texas

I would like to take a moment to thank you for all of your research concerning forex calendar patterns. I recently purchased and downloaded "Opportunities..." from your website, and I am honestly quite impressed with the work you have done.

E.W., California

Great Forex Information!!! ... Excellent Format !!!

A.S., California

As you can see from the comments, owners of the report think it's extremely valuable. Ready to put the seasonal patterns to use in your trading? Hopefully so, because...

There are Strong Seasonal Patterns Year-Round

Make sure you know what they are.

Opportunities In Forex Calendar Trading Patterns Knowing the market's tendencies can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Knowing the bias of the pair you're trading can help identify good trades and avoid bad ones.

The equity graph above was for just one currency pair. Now imagine being able to use many patterns.

Opportunities in Forex Calendar Trading Patterns contains a bunch of them, in different timeframes, all waiting to help make your trading more profitable, and for just $49. You can make that (or save it) in a single trade.

Professional traders know and use this data. You should too!

Get your copy of the special research report today and put the information to use in your trading. One small investment gets you information which could help give you and edge in your trading for years to come.

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